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Apply to 1,000s of jobs, but instead of you filling each form
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What do we offer?Our features
Apply to 1,000+ jobs with 1 clickInstead of filling each job form hundreds of time, simply fill it once on our platform, and we'll use that data to apply for all of them.
We automatically update the fields in your cover letterSelect the jobs you want to apply for (up to 1,000), and with one click, we'll apply for all these jobs for you!
Verify the data we send to companiesWe provide screenshots of the completed job forms. If there are fields that you haven't provided answers to, we won't send the application, don't worry!
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Onboarding stepsHow do I get started?
Create an account (~1min)

The first step is to sign up, it only takes 1min!

You need to be signed in to perform the following steps.

Add your applicant information (~3min)

Go to the Personal Details tab and enter your applicant information.

Import 1000+ jobs from LinkedIn (~3min)

Go to LinkedIn Jobs and apply filters based on your preference.

Paste the URL below: we'll import the jobs and add them to the Job results table (on the right-side).

Let us automatically apply to these jobs (~1min)

Select jobs on the table, you can apply filters. We'll automatically apply for all the jobs you select!

If we're able to fill all required fields, we'll submit the application. Otherwise, we won't submit and the application will be marked as FAILED on the table.

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